Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Always tired? Lacking motivation or energy? Feeling that you can’t find fitness time for yourself? Uncertain of how to strike balance for your home life?


We all want to perform at our best both in work and our personal life.

Finding out how to achieve peak performance is a personal journey best achieved with a qualified professional. 


Self care is how you take your power back.


Performing at your best requires you to take care of yourself. With high demands on your time, when did you last stop to assess how your overall well being is maintained and how it can be improved?


As a certified Integrative Health, Wellbeing and Executive Coach with a Neuroscience specialism, I am able to take a holistic whole person perspective on coaching for performance to get you feeling and being more in control of yourself and your success.
What are the costs of not managing self care? Executive working life regularly shows up with issues such as:

High stress


Poor quality sleep

Digestion issues

Brain fog

Low energy

Erratic moods

Common questions I hear are:

How will I find time for fitness?

Where would I start with managing anxiety?

How do I know what is causing my digestion problems?

My work involves a lot of travel, how do I support myself to function better with this?

Starting with an in depth consultation, we’ll look at you, your lifestyle and what issues you’re facing to determine a personalized plan to help you return to your best self. We’ll identify how you can accommodate beneficial changes to your routine, how to create health hacks that are easy to adopt, and practices or behavior modifications that can radically change your life. 


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Becoming the best version of yourself, the version of yourself that you enjoy, is achievable through a tailored coaching program designed to work according to your life and style.