Workplace Wellbeing Program: Elevate Your Workforce

How do you become an ‘employer of choice’? 


A highly rated employer with high retention, high staff satisfaction stats and a thriving, productive workforce? 


How do you reduce absenteeism and increase engagement and productivity?



You understand what keeps your workforce feeling well, balanced, energized and motivated.
Take the Executive Edge deep data dive into the reality of your workforce’s wellbeing to understand what they need to be:
More energized
More productive
More resilient
Happier & Healthier
More engaged
The post pandemic world has seen higher than ever rates of absenteeism, poorer mental and physical health, higher rates of anxiety, and disparate, dysfunctional teams.


Based on a design from Duke University’s wellbeing program, the Executive Edge Coaching wellbeing survey is tailored for your workforce to really deep dive into what is affecting your employees on individual, team and site levels.


A recent study showed that 86% of people would leave a company if it did not support their wellbeing. 


Staff are looking for more than just health insurance, they want support to help them thrive. Mental first aid, sustained support, psychological safety, healthy work environments and better information on how to be well are high on their wish lists.


Our data analysis intelligently determines the factors that are the highest priority for you on a group, site and team level to help you staff feel and be better within themselves and at work.


You may be providing benefits to your staff, our data will help you determine if these are the benefits they really need.
Armed with this in depth knowledge, I create a tailored program for your organization according to the findings in the data. This can include:


– 121 wellbeing coaching
– Lunch & learn wellbeing sessions & workshops
– Mental health focus
– Fitness and movement programs
– Body balance for shift workers
– Outreach for homeworkers
– Improvements to work environments
More energized workforce = higher productivity
Better, balanced moods = fewer fallouts and improved communication
Well rested people = less sickness and lethargy
Do you have staff who:
– Rely on coffee and junk food to get through the day
– Are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or close to burnout
– Cite difficulty with sleep 
– Have troubled relationships with coworkers
– Self medicate with alcohol, food, gaming or other unhealthy tools
Small changes can unlock big shifts in our sense of wellbeing, only when we know what isn’t working. By working with a qualified executive wellness coach, I can offer solutions that can transform your team’s, person by person, so that that work better as a whole.
How does it work?
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Step 1

In consultation, we tailor the anonymous survey to ensure we ask the general and specific questions that we need for your organization. For example; a company with rotating shift workers who engage in physical labor will have a subset of questions that would not be relevant to an office based organization who operate on 9-5 time.

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Step 2

Distributing the survey. A coordinated communications plan from your internal team should help staff feel comfortable with the arrival of the survey ahead of time. To maximize participation, we create both digital and paper versions of the survey dependent on your needs. Upon completion, we collect their responses anonymously and start analyzing the data.

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Step 3

Data gathered from the surveys will allow us to identify areas that warrant deeper exploration. Small peer based focus groups are coordinated to understand the detail that lives behind these answers. This qualitative research will give substance to the overall data and program of solutions presented in step 4.

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Step 4

The results. We’ll walk through the results of the survey and look at the opportunities it presents to start making your workforce healthier and happier.

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Step 5

Implementing the programme. Rolling out your personal program across the specified time period, we will take pulse measurements throughout this time to assess, adjust and progress for success.

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person — not just an employee — are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.” Anne Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation