Lunch & Learn Workshops

Give your workforce a well balanced nutritious lunch alongside a powerful, practical workshop on the health and wellbeing topics that will benefit them the most.
Executive Edge delivers tailored learning lunch programs that tackle the issues most affecting your workforce. Are your teams demonstrating:

Signs of burnout

Stress and conflict


Poor time management

Deskbound working styles

High sickness rates

Starting with a consultation to understand your organization and the issues you’re facing, we will strategize the best knowledge program to deliver for the audience you have in mind. 
Using our catering suppliers we’ll match this learning session with a balanced and nutritious lunch to leave your teams feeling empowered, energized and armed with new found expertise to engage in healthier habits and behaviors moving forward.
These lunch sessions can be enhanced with accountability coaching follow up. Email activations of guidance, advice and the opportunity for 1-2-1 coaching to help keep your teams on track with healthier lifestyle and habit adoption.
If you’re unsure where to start  or what topic is most prevalent, our Workplace Wellbeing Surveys give a great insight to the real issues within your workforce.
Workshop Topics Include:

Stress management

Programming yourself for productivity

Health and wellbeing for happiness

Eating for energy

Hormone release: How to make your day work for you/Maximize your day

Individual impact of hacking your hormones

Sleep & Rest for Success

Hacks to add exercise into even the busiest day

Mindful Lunch Moments