Professional Networks & Community Groups

Executive Edge delivers dedicated executive health and wellbeing speaker sessions to professional network groups. 


Our professional networking circles and meetings are always inviting new opportunities to optimize and maximize our working and professional lives. 


Executive and Wellbeing Coach Sallie McGuire-Stall brings to life the topics and techniques that will help you rapidly enhance your personal wellbeing and professional capabilities.
Learn how to:

Beat burnout for yourself and your teams

Increase your productivity and positivity

Sleep: the secret to this superpower

Returning to the workplace

Successful retirement

Managing menopause in life and work

Anxiety reduction and management

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Depending on your group size, Executive Edge can tailor power sessions that speak to a mass audience, or coach a small collective on the subjects that matter to you the most.
With so much affecting our health, wellbeing, output and life goals, professional networks and organizations are benefiting from focused power sessions that deliver expertise and offer practical solutions to many of the problems affecting us.