Success Stories

Success Story 1

Making time, creating healthy habits, finding new energy – Anna, Director Level Nurse Leader


With 40lb weight loss down and 40lb more to go, Anna, a Director Level Nurse Leader, needed to create time in her busy schedule to honor a self care practice that met with her health goals. We worked together to analyze where she spent her time and how this affected her energy levels.


Her 12 hour work days left her too exhausted for post work gym sessions. We started by ring fencing Anna’s lunch break twice a week, marking these golden hours in her calendar so they could not be stolen.


Anna would spend half her lunch walking and the other half mindfully enjoying nourishing food; she was able to quickly see the positive effect on her energy and mood, swiftly building up to 5 walking lunch practices a week.


In addition we built in small habit changes; walking instead of driving where possible, taking the stairs instead of using the elevator.


Anna is on track for succeeding with her end goal but crucially has seen many other benefits; she is no longer exhausted at the end of the day, is eating in tune with her body’s needs, disconnects from work stress during the day, spends more time in nature and sees more of her local environment and community from being active on foot.


By finding better ways to use time and changing small habits, Anna’s ability to thrive and work towards a goal that felt incredibly challenging has given her so much more than she expected.

Success Story 2

Creating New Perspectives on Limiting Beliefs – Gloria, CEO in Green and Sustainability Sector


Starting out with an executive coaching program, Gloria connected with the full scope of Life Coaching as her life moved from marriage to divorce. Divorce came with many upheavals including relocating and ultimately reassessing many areas of her life.


Through our engagement, Gloria and I looked at many aspects of her life, assessing her values, limiting beliefs and the goals she wanted to apply post divorce.


Life Coaching helped Gloria achieve her goal of buying a home for herself, working through financial planning, evaluating her energy expenditure against her values and goals and specific career coaching to help her achieve a promotion.


Gloria continues to thrive in her new home and position.


“Coaching with Sallie was an excellent experience. Together we developed a roadmap for what I wanted to accomplish, and then we traveled that road throughout our sessions. She asked questions that raised my awareness and pointed me toward positive, productive choices.  Sometimes I surprised myself by the insights and wisdom that I held inside me in response to Sallie’s discerning and thoughtful questions.  I felt deeply heard, and she always made me aware that I was in the driver’s seat.


I also really appreciated the many great tools and resources she provided, which were so helpful, and I still go back to them from time to time. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience of working with her – she’s a warm and kind coach, and we had some good laughs along the way too!  Sallie is one of my favorite people, and I am deeply grateful to have worked with her.”


-Beth O.

“Sallie definitely cares about her clients and is invested in their improvement. She made me feel seen and heard when discussing overcoming obstacles. I’ve learned to be more patient and understanding with myself. I also learned not to hold myself to impossibly perfect standards.”


-E. B.